Our Pre-school Program

Our Daily Program

The daily program at Minooka Pre-School provides play-based activities that stimulate decision making, problem solving, creativity, imagination, language, social and motor skills. The program is guided by the principles and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF V2.0) based on children's interests along with input from children, families, educators and the community.

Photo of a variety of outdoor activities at Minooka Preschool Oatley childcare Sydney

We have a mixture of passive and active, structured and non-structured experiences each day. Group times and routine times form an important part of our day. Our group times are comprised of stories, language experiences, cognitive experiences, music experiences, literacy and numeracy experiences in small groups. Our rest time is comprised of relaxation and quiet activities.

Photo of a variety of educational indoor activities and craft at Minooka Preschool Oatley child care Sydney

Our Inclusion Support Program

Here at Minooka Pre-school we are very proud of our reputation for providing support for children with additional needs.

Our aim is for all children to be successfully included in our environment. Some children require additional support to enable them to do this.

Minooka receives funding from the NSW Department of Education for individual children to receive extra support to facilitate this inclusion. Families are offered support and we liaise with specialist agencies and staff to ensure each child's needs are met.

If your child has a diagnosed additional need or you have concerns about any aspect of your child's development please consult with our director to arrange a time where we can discuss any issues or concerns you have.

Photo of the wide variety of educational activities at Minooka Pre School Oatley childcare Sydney